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Consejería de Salud de la Junta de Andalucía

The Andalusian Regional Ministry of Health manages and coordinates the activities, services and resources of the Andalusian Public Health System. Within the Regional Ministry , DG Quality, Research and Knowledge Management is in charge, among other issues, of Professional Development and Training with the following attributions: developing a comprehensive training strategy for the professionals of the Public Health System, based on a competence management model, allowing full personal development to achieve excellence in professional practice. Priority lines regarding Vocational Training are:

  • Provide a virtual environment for trainees
  • Implement e-learning and e-training through the application of advanced simulation technologies
  • Consolidate a virtual library in the virtual environment of the healthcare professional.
  • Boost research orientation to the implementation of the health outcomes.
  • Strengthen the culture of research and development of research networks


Research Team Members:

  • Teresa Campos Garcia – Head of Training & Professional Development Department
  • Carnen de Vicente Guilloto – Project Coordinator
  • Maria Jesus Escribano Rivero – Advisor
  • Palma Bejarano – Advisor
  • Fernando Moreno Fernandez – Advisor
  • Armando Romanos Rodriguez – Advisor
  • Yusnelkis Milanes
  • Almidena de la Serna Bazan